Career Transition

Career Transition Services

A service available to corporate clients

“It was important that we were able to provide professional assistance to our employees who were separating from the company. It made all the difference in the world to many of them.” Hospitality Industry Executive

Inkinen & Associates will assist your employees with career and job transition support, including helping to prepare them for a new job when they are affected by reduction in force or when company requirements change. We help impacted staff to manage their transition effectively.

What they receive:

  • Customized attention that includes self-assessment and debriefing, as well as skills and presentation coaching.
  • Support that includes professional resume preparation, interview and presentation skills enhancement, coaching sessions and follow up support.

These activities are designed to manage not only a current transition, but also an employee’s future career path.

For more information, contact:
Ann Katekaru, Senior Consultant
(808) 521-2331 x 4