Executive Search

Let Inkinen & Associates be your partner.


The Search Process

At Inkinen & Associates, the first thing we do is listen. We want to know about your unique corporate culture, as this understanding is vitally important to making a lasting placement. Then, we get to work!


What we do:

  • Assist Company in establishing qualifications, as needed, to ensure the best possible candidate match.
  • Place advertisements in appropriate media, if requested.
  • Proactive recruitment
  • Reach out to discover candidates who may not otherwise surface through normal searches.
  • Identify proven candidates in appropriate industries using our deep database of contacts.
  • Act as an unbiased party to guide a fair process.
  • Receive resumes and act as a point of contact for candidate inquiries, keeping candidates informed of the process and their status.
  • Screen and conduct preliminary interviews with candidates to identify qualified applicants according to your specifications.
  • Assess candidates on a range of characteristics. A fit with your company’s corporate culture is paramount.
  • Determine qualified candidates for presentation to your Human Resources or hiring manager.
  • Schedule and coordinate interviews.
  • Conduct reference and background checks on finalists.
  • Schedule and coordinate second or third interviews, as necessary, before selection.
  • Assist in negotiating compensation and benefit package.
  • Communicate with and thank candidates not selected.


Our staff will assist in various aspects of this process and are committed to working within the time requirements set by your company. The entire Executive Search process is executed with strict guidelines for confidentiality, keeping your company’s best interest in mind at all times.


Six-Month Guarantee

We know that you’re counting on an executive placement that lasts. We extend a six-month guarantee to our valuable clients. Should the executive’s employment terminate for any reason within six months of placement, we will replace that employee without a placement fee. Our six-month guarantee is a way that we demonstrate our dedication to your success. And, because we are partners, the process doesn’t have to end there. Our team will follow up on the success of executive placements over time.